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Things to Do This Summer to Prepare for Fall

Things to Do This Summer to Prepare for Fall

Many people think that teachers get to spend three months in the summer just hanging out--sleeping in, lounging by the pool, and not doing any work. However, any teacher knows that isn’t true. Just because students aren’t in school doesn’t mean teachers don’t have work to do. Some teachers take on summer jobs to make some extra cash through summer camps or tutoring. All of us spend the summer preparing for the next school year so we’re not overwhelmed. Here are some things you can do this summer to prepare for the fall

Take Classes
If you want to teach a new grade or subject, you can take courses so you can pass your local or state qualifications tests and gain a competitive edge. Teachers really looking to move up may want to consider pursuing a Master’s degree in Education. Summer is the perfect time to take tougher classes. 

Lesson Plan
Instead of stressing during the school year about lessons, take the summer to get as detailed as you possibly can. Assemble worksheets, build reading lists, and make a general outline of what you’re going to cover and when. The more you can plan now, the less you’ll have to do during the year when your time is consumed with actual teaching and grading papers. There are lots of resources available to help you create awesome lesson plans for any grade level or subject matter. 

Teachers work really hard. They spend six to seven hours a day teaching, plus a few hours each day and over the weekend grading papers and planning. Plus, many teachers take on extra tasks, tutoring, moderating clubs, or coaching sports teams. Many teachers work a minimum of ten hours on any given school day. You need a break, though. Take advantage of the time off to relax and recharge, both mentally and physically, so you can feel fresh and energized once fall rolls around. 

What are some things you like to do over the summer to prepare for the fall?

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